Private medical health check ups

Advanced health check up to prevent and detect disease before it becomes severe.​
This service is privately financed by the patient and can be booked by patients at the clinic, or all citizens not affiliated with our surgery.​
A medical examination provides a very high quality assessment of your health and possible areas to focus on in the future.​ It will detect many common diseases as well as possible risks of serious illnesses.

Advanced medical health examination​
  • Medical interview and full physical examination​
  • Extended blood work including cancer markers​
  • Urine analysis​
  • Electrocardiogram​
  • Lung Function analysis​
  • Ultrasound of the heart (at the cardiologist clinic)​
  • Ultrasound of the carotid arteries  (at the cardiologist clinic)​
  • Gynaecology exam for women​ including smear and cancer marker
  • Follow-up with review of results, including guidance​ for future focus areas
  • Possible onward referrals when needed
Please call us for booking
  • 6.900 kr.

This health check up corresponds to DKK 8000-12,000 in private hospitals​ nearby