We deal with all health and medical problems.​
We asses, diagnose, treat and advise.​
We refer if needed to the private and public health services when needed​.
Our highly skilled nurses deal with most problems including chronic diseases.

Types of Consultations
Booked appointments

Booked 10-15 min appointments.

For annual check ups of chronic diseases, follow-ups, test results, blood tests, child examinations, concerns, medical examinations, therapy, acupuncture, forms, immunizations both child and travels.​

We strive to give you the highest medical expertice and we take our job very seriously.​

Book appointments through the login​ page please.

Acute illness

We offer 5 min appointments for acute illness only on a daily basis.​

Small, simple, non-acute problems can also be dealt with in the acute consultation, e.g. skin problems, ear problems, eye inflammation, etc.​

Home visits​

For elderly patients with reduced ability to walk.

We perform home visits when a patient’s basic condition makes it impossible to come to the clinic, e.g. elderly patients or nursing home residents. It is the Doctor who assesses whether a medical visit is required.

The clinic also offers one annual home visit to citizens of 75 years or older. An annual visit gives us a very good impression of the residents health at home.