Children’s annual check ups

Children’s annual check ups are carried out between the age of 5 weeks to 5 years.
Please note that two appointments may be required for the child at the age of  5 and 12 months, 4 and 5 years.: one for the doctors assessment and one with the nurse for immunization.
Immunization only at 3  and 15 months., with the nurse.
Please ring for correct booking if possible.

Table below for examination and immunizations according to the Danish immunization programme.

AgeVaccinationChild check-up
5 weeks
3 monthsDi-Te-Ki-Pol-Hib + Pn
5 monthsDi-Te-Ki-Pol-Hib + Pn
12 monthsDi-Te-Ki-Pol-Hib + Pn
15 monthsMFR 1
2 years
3 years
4 yearsMFR 2
5 yearsDi-Te-Ki-Pol revaccination
6 years✔ (in school)
12 yearsMFR + HPV*
15 years✔ (in school)
* If no two MFR vaccines have been given previously.
* From July 1, 2019, HPV vaccination is free for boys if they turn 12 this day or later. Older boys may also benefit from HPV vaccination (private payment).