Influenza immunization

Influenza costs companies large amounts
20% of the population will be affected every year by influenza
Immunization is quick and inexpensive

Important Facts
  • Immunization is carried out between the 1/10 – 31/12 every year
  • Immunization provides up to 90% protection in healthy adults during an influenza outbreak
  • An immunization takes 2 minutes
  • The side effects are mild and rapid (local tenderness, slight discomfort). In rare cases allergic reaction, which should be treated immediately, or headache
  • Immunization must be carried out by a health professional who can react to side effects
    The immunization covers the current season. The virus changes every year and immunization must be carried out once a year
Our set-up
  • We will come to your office at a time that suits you
  • It will be performed by an experienced nurse, who can answer questions and treat rare allergic reactions
5-10 people: 500 DKK per vaccination 
10-20 people: 400 DKK per vaccination 
20-50 people: 350 DKK per vaccination 
Over 50 people: 300 DKK per vaccination 

(+45) 50441530 / (+45) 39621530

The Doctors on Strandvejen / Lægerne på Strandvejen
Strandvejen 122, st.
2900 Hellerup

Practical information
  • One- two rooms with a table and chairs must be made available for immunization
  • Call and book now to schedule a day for the flu-shots for you or your employees in the office
  • The company provides us with a time slot plan including social security numbers for the employees who wish to receive the flu-shot – we will help you coordinate it